About this Conference

Teachers of Chinese in Hong Kong international schools have a unique experience of teaching Chinese in primary and secondary schools. They have developed innovative and resourceful ideas for teaching Chinese to a wide range of abilities and diverse cultural backgrounds – from native/near-native to non-background students. ┬áThese challenges have created opportunities to share and build on our professional practice.

Some teachers of Chinese have expressed an interest in establishing an association which will be served as a platform to enable teachers to:

  • build professional communities with colleagues in the region;
  • exchange relevant information and share good teaching practices;
  • celebrate our achievements and success in the field of teaching Chinese;
  • hold conferences to broaden our horizons.

In order to respond to such a demand and meet the expectations of the teachers of Chinese in Hong Kong, the fourth Conference on Chinese Teaching and Leaning will be held in Hong Kong on Saturday, 21st April 2018, at Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

We invite teachers to register as presenters or participants when the time is fixed later in the year. We are confident that this Conference will provide you with a rewarding experience.

Workshop Strands

Classroom Practice

Preaching the best practices

Classroom instructions that enhance students engagement and reach learning goals.


Build an effective team

Strategies that build an efficient, effective and constructive team culture.

Curriculum Design

Set Up a comprehensive curriculum

Well articulated comprehensive curriculum that suitable for all types of curriculum structures.

IB in Classroom Practice

Align the practices with IB

Classroom practises that are inquiry-based, interdisciplinary and align with IB learner profiles.

Assessment for Learning

Design an inclusive assessment framework

Purposeful assessments that are differentiated and inclusiveness of all type of learners.

Technology Infusion

Integration of Technology

Integrating technology into classroom practice, which enhancing language learning and passion.